Happiness Projects

It’s been a while since my last blog. Unfortunately not much has gone on that was keeping me positive–until today! It had grown colder over the last couple of days (and here in Texas anytime it’s 60° or below, that’s cold!). Anyway, I had to go look for some warmer clothing…

When I went out to my garage to look for some sweaters and such (which I could not find, by the way! Lol), I came across some quilts and other projects that I had made before. So, of course I had to bring those inside. Then, after I brought those things in, I noticed that a quilt I had made was needing some repairs to it. So, I had to go through some boxes of scraps, looking for fabrics I could use that were similar enough in shades that I could use.

Finding nothing that I could use in the fabric I had inside, I went back to the garage to look through some other fabric I had. Looking through that last batch of fabric had me going down memory lane, bringing me back to when I had only one child (I have three boys now). Back then, I was involved in a quilting group, and I was the youngest member. I remembered many times when I would load up John, his play pen, his toys, my sewing machine, and the fabric from the projects I was making. It would take me about 15 minutes to get everything loaded or unloaded, but then I got to sew for 2-3 hours and socialize at the same time. How times have changed!

Anyway, I finally found the fabrics I needed, and took all the fabric from the last box of memories (fabrics that I hadn’t seen in ages!), and I knew I would start working again on my seeing and quilting projects again.



It is vital, in my opinion, to form and keep friendships. Why? To have a friend means that we matter to someone. Knowing that we matter to someone, that we are important to someone, gives us great pleasure because we know that we are valued.

However, there are also people that make us feel that we matter, and then they just flip us out of their lives. Being used by someone, valued only for what they think we can do for them, is an awful feeling. I was used by someone recently. They made me feel important, and then attempted to start controlling me in many ways. I broke down. I finally came to realize that what they were doing was manipulating me and making me feel bad when I could not or would not help them. That is a toxic relationship.

Friends love you for you. They will help you, support you, encourage you, and even pray for you. I can only hope that I can be considered a true friend, that I will not be seen as a user of those around me.

Think about how you act with others. Do you use people, or are you a friend to others?


Anticipation can mean different things to different people. Anticipation can mean excitement for some, nervousness or slight anxiety for some, and an all-out anxiety or panic attack for others. For others it may just mean they are calm and looking forward to an event.

Right now it is summer time. Children across the nation have been either enjoying the break or are bored by this time. Teachers are enjoying their time off. Parents are starting to want their children back in school.

How do we deal with time off? It’s hard to deal with time off, especially if it is unplanned, such as losing a job. With no money coming in, it is easy to lose hope. It doesn’t have to be that way. By making out a daily list of things to do, you will be able to keep yourself occupied with things to do. You will have a purpose in each thing that you have planned.

What are other ways to keep yourself calm and busy when you have unexpected things come up?

Independence Day

Tomorrow is July 4th. What that means is Independence Day here in the United States of America. What are things that you are celebrating?

I celebrate being independent of thought. I celebrate being able to choose my own religion. I celebrate being able to celebrate my own religion. I celebrate my freedom of thought, and the ability to work and save money. I celebrate being able to live in a house. I celebrate being able to read what I want, and being able to express myself. I celebrate being able to walk I my neighborhood without fear. I celebrate my freedom! I celebrate my abilities!



I’ve been reading the Bible a lot lately, trying to find appropriate passages to put in my book about relationships. After publishing my first book, Learning How to Fly: Stories of Hope, which is about how to stay positive in difficult times, I felt the need to write about acceptance, rejection, and love, with some chapters about depression, anxiety, and stress. Anyway, I have found so many passages related to each topic, that I added a Bible Study to each chapter. Do you know what I found? I found many passages on hope, faith, acceptance, and a wide variety of other topics, in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Bible has a lot of wisdom in it!

As you struggle through difficulties in life, I recommend that you pray prayers of thanksgiving, and prayers for wisdom and strength. Read the Bible. Think about what you have read. Ask questions if you are confused about what you have read.

One book that I have turned to many times is the book of Psalms, in the Old Testament, because frustration, depression, and anxiety are discussed at great length. In the New Testament, of course you can read about the life of Jesus in the Gospel books (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), but the letters that St. Paul wrote are very insightful about what he believed the church was intending to be about, and how we should live. He wrote about love, marriage, being single, and how to follow Jesus. All very interesting readings!

I hope that you will turn to the Bible when you are struggling, that you pray for guidance and wisdom.

What other things can you do to cope with struggles?

Gratitude x 2

I was stuck physically, mentally, and spiritually recently. I had almost run out of gas and knew I could not get home. Since I had an appointment in the same town I was already in the next day, I decided it would be best not to press my luck, and I called a relative of mine. Unfortunately they were not home, so I let a friend know the dilemma, and I told her my plan–to stay where I was, and sleep in my car near where the appointment was.

I had packed my Bible because I was going to read some of it, reflecting on its message and finding passages to add to my book. Good reading if you are ever stuck somewhere and all alone.

Anyway, my appointment went well the following day. I discussed several of my concerns, both mental health and concerns about people in my life. I was able to tell her about the progress I had made on the book I’m writing. I discussed my mental health for the last several months, since that is a major concern for me.

And you know what? I am grateful for all that happened because it is not often you find someone who is always a friend, someone who will stick with you no matter what. I found that both in a friend who is much like a mother to me when necessary, but a friend who I can talk to about most anything, without being judged.

And I found that God is always with me too, always comforting me when I am troubled. So am I grateful? Most definitely!

Think about times when you were stuck, not necessarily physically, but spiritually or emotionally as well. What has helped you get through those times? Are you grateful for what you went through and what you discovered about yourself? Is there someone that has helped you without hesitation, someone that you don’t know how you would get along in life if they were not in it? Make sure you thank them for what they have done for you!